Key to executing a successful sales and marketing campaign is accurate market intelligence. Auto Market Data offers industry-leading publications covering various aspects of the UK automotive retail landscape. Vital reference tools, these reports are based on original research and prove invaluable for future business planning. Also, check out our news section on this website for the latest on dealership openings!

Who’s Where in Auto Retail 2021

Who’s Where in Auto Retail 2022 is designed to be your definitive guide to the location and contact details of every major car retailer in the UK.

Who’s Where 2022 lists every franchised car retailer in the UK by name, town and postcode including unique key contact details such as dealer principal name and dealership phone number. It also lists franchises held, multi-franchise sites and business ownership, where available.

This guide lists further details about the 100 leading auto retail groups. These are profiled in detail with head office addresses, contact details for senior personnel, trading names and franchises held for both sales and authorised repair locations.

Who’s Where 2022 also lists all major used car supermarkets and includes a comprehensive listing of all major carmaker head offices, key personnel and network size.

The Franchising Report 2021

The Auto Retail Network FRANCHISING REPORT has been fully updated for 2021 and remains the only complete guide to the structure and sales performance of franchised auto retail networks in the UK.

Fully updated content includes return on sales figures for all major UK franchises, detailed analysis of fleet and retail registrations by brand and new car sales forecasts from IHS Automotive through to 2022. Plus the latest NFDA Dealer Attitude Survey results and franchise value ratings. Also included are pre-registration and nearly-new data for each brand plus expanded information for each manufacturer listing that includes term in office for the brand’s managing director.

Future of UK Auto Retailing

2021-2026 and the build-up to 2030

Looking at the next five years and the run-up to 2030, the UK’s auto retail industry is facing some of the biggest shifts in direction ever seen. With digitisation already well under way, vehicle electrification and agency agreements are set to dominate the landscape for the next five to ten years as manufacturers and dealers work out how best to run a profitable retail operation.

In our new Future of UK Auto Retailing report, published in partnership with Lombard, we investigate these topics in depth and talk to the experts involved in shaping our industry’s future.