Electric car brand Polestar hopes to at least double its UK sales volume by the end of 2022 as EV vehicle sales continue to grow.

The brand plan to expand the number of Polestar Space showrooms to four when they open in Battersea in London in the autumn. UK Chief Executive Jonathan Goodman announced plans for the number of Spaces to further increase to eight by the end of 2023. The expansion will include the brand’s first showroom in Scotland.

Mr Goodman acknowledged that “a clear sign of the momentum building behind the brand” is its 22,000 deliveries globally in the first half 2022. This compares with 29,000 units during the whole of 2021. Global orders for 2022 have reached above 50,000 – an increase of 350% year on year.

Global Sales

Polestar registrations in the UK added up to 2,828 units in the first half of 2022. This represents a 72% increase on the same period in 2021. Mr Goodman said that he was “very hopeful” that trend would continue. Its global ambition is to reach 290,000 annual sales in 2025 and Polestar have recently floated on the New York Stock Exchange.

The brand has increased the number of countries where Polestar cars are sold since the beginning of 2022.  One in eight are currently coming to the UK. On launching, Polestar planned to begin with 10 markets (US, Canada, China, and seven European countries including the UK). Growth has meant it is now in 25 countries – increasing to 30 in 2023.

Mr Goodman said he had no fear that expansion worldwide would constrain the UK’s sales opportunities. Demand for EVs in the UK is increasing at such a high rate that Polestar have added a second shift of workers to the assembly plant in China to meet demand. He added he would “love to have more cars as the end of January is now quoted for delivery. I’d love a shorter lead time, but we’re on a great growth curve in the UK.  Our order book is fantastic, and our job is to accelerate that.”

UK Sales

There are currently around 7,600 Polestars on the road in the UK and Mr Goodman credits that success to the UK team. Also the professionalism of its retail partners and the appetite of UK motorists for EVs. He said many Polestar customers are new to EV; some have migrated from German premium or mainstream brands and others have previously owned an EV.

Impressive Experience

Event and Digital marketing as well as test drives are helping to raise awareness of Polestar as are the teams running the existing Polestar Spaces in Manchester, Solihull and Westfield London Shopping Centre. “We know that when we get someone into the car, they come away impressed,” he added.