Retail group Peter Vardy has launched an online software company called Silver Bullet set to rival Rockar. The company is offering its storefront software to other car dealer groups and manufacturers on a subscription basis.

Silver Bullet claims retailers can add £250 gross profit per unit, get 80% finance penetration, cut costs and increase sales with a 24/7 e-commerce digital platform described as an industry first.

The new Storefront software has already been presented to dealer groups and manufacturers such as BMW.

It allows customers to select from a retailer’s stock, get a trade-in valuation and arrange a tailored finance package. They can also select any add-ons and book a showroom test drive/collection. If a retailer does not like the trade-in value given Silver Bullet will honour the deal and take the car.

Peter Vardy said: “We have already proven Storefront will increase gross profit, cut costs and add volume. We know buyers are increasingly wanting to put together a deal in the evenings or at night when the showrooms are closed but Storefront is open 24/7 and lets them put together a complete package from choosing a car, getting a part-ex value, choosing any extras and getting finance.

“There are so many more quick wins with it. We are showing Storefront to groups and manufacturers and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Peter Vardy Ltd was founded in 2006 by Peter Vardy.  The group, based in Scotland, has 15 dealerships with 7 franchises offering over 2,000 new and used cars.