Nissan is planning a mileage simulator to provide EV buyers with a more accurate range figure than the official WLTP measurement to help improve electric car sales.

The move follows a recent crackdown by the Advertising Standards Authority which saw Kia and Mercedes told not to repeat adverts for electric cars that quoted the WLTP range.

The ASA stated WLTP was unrealistic in real-world conditions and that EV drivers don’t typically charge beyond 80% of battery capacity.

Nissan historically offered a range simulator for the electric Townstar van and is now planning to reintroduce one for the electric version of the new Interstar.

When questioned about how Nissan plans to advertise the range of the electric Interstar in light of the ASA’s rulings, European LCV product and marketing boss Andrew Limbert said: “The reason we’re using [WLTP] today as a messaging is we want to give confidence that shifting to electric is now possible. We need a common reference, and that common reference today is the WLTP figure.

“Looking ahead, our intention is to be able to put in front of the customers something that can assist them in a realistic kind of metric rather than a pie in the sky one.”