Nissan launches superfleet retail network

Nissan is setting up a sub-network of superfleet dealers to offer the highest levels of service to business customers.

Speaking to Auto Retail Network, Nissan’s fleet director Csaba Vincze said he’d signed up half of the 13-strong group of retailers and would confirm the other half by the end of the month.

Superfleet Dealers

The superfleet dealers have been chosen from the brand’s 39 business centre retailers. Nissan has a total network of 164 franchised retailers in the UK.

Commenting on the new group, Vincze said: “There are two different sorts of fleet dealers. We are just launching a new classification called superfleet dealers. We were aiming for 10 but will have 13 as several more came to us requesting to be part of this. I’ve signed about half of them and will sign up the other half next week.

“The second group of fleet dealers are the business centres. There are 39 of those, including the 13 superfleet dealers. These are mainly to concentrate on selling commercial vehicles, because selling a van is a very different proposition and needs a different set of skills.”