Feel Electrified

Nissan has launched a new sales and awareness campaign called ‘Feel Electrified’. The campaign is designed to promote the brand’s EV ensemble and is underway now running until 8 November.

Customers are being invited to experience cars equipped with powertrains that showcase a range of innovative Nissan technologies. According to Nissan’s research, up to 46% of the car-buying population still feel too uninformed to transfer their allegiance to an electrified model.

Personalised Test Drives

The Japanese manufacturer is offering customers the opportunity to undertake personalised test drives and explore electrified motoring in the process. Motorists may be able to choose between a range of local test routes featuring city, country or motorway driving. In addition, they may be allowed to stop at public charging points to top up their vehicle and experience the charging process first hand.

A Nissan spokesperson said: ‘‘We believe that the full benefits of our electrified line-up can best be understood by experiencing a test drive in our vehicles. After all, that is where customers will really understand their performance, enhanced fuel economy and impressive in-car technology. With a range of vehicles that offer varied electrified solutions, including our flagship all-electric ARIYA, and now encompassing Nissan’s unique powertrain in e-POWER, we are confident we have the product depth to meet all consumer needs.’’