This week the NFDA will launch its election manifesto for the next government. The objective is to secure support and see the next government work with the sector and offer stronger support on key issues.

The NFDA wants mandated annual public chargepoint targets, and for the next government to bring down business rates. The NFDA also has seven key ‘asks’ from the next government, top of the list being reinvigorating the private EV new car market, as well as an overhaul of the “flawed” apprenticeship levy.

NFDA chief executive, Sue Robinson said, “The next few years will be crucial for our industry. It is essential that the next government works with the sector and offers robust support on these key issues.”

In announcing the manifesto, Robinson points out that auto retailers employ 78% of the 758k people working in UK automotive, which has a turnover of £100bn.