Renault retailers can expect to add a fifth brand to their showrooms from next year with the launch of Mobilize. Mobilize is the French firm’s finance house, but is also the division that will sell the Twizy replacement called Duo, and commercial vehicle version called Bento.

Mobilize will sit alongside Renault, Dacia, Pro+ and Alpine in the overall Renault Group portfolio.

UK management has yet to decide if the Mobilize will be offered by all Renault retailers, or offered as a bolt-on, additional franchise to a limited number of sites.

When the car was originally unveiled at the end of 2022, Renault said it would only offer the Duo and Bento through a subscription or lease with no outright purchase available. However, this line has now softened, with Renault saying this aspect is still being considered for the UK.

Speaking to Auto Retail Agenda at the CV Show, Zakaria Zeghari, VP global sales and marketing LCV, said the small electric Duo and Bento would be on sale “in the next few months”. He added: “It’ll be sold through the Renault network under the brand of Mobilize.

”In terms of volume, the new brand is only expected to add one or two thousand units per year.