MG Motor plans to complete its UK dealer network by the end of 2023.

The company aim to fill nine open points. Commercial Director Guy Pigounakis commented: “We will fill every major open point we have in the UK,” before adding that his company had benefitted from established manufacturers appearing to consider moves away from traditional franchising sales.

“Many other brands are consolidating their networks and considering the agency model, which is creating lots of opportunities for us. Household name retailers with prime locations seem worried about the longevity of brands they might have been selling for decades,” he said.

MG remains supportive of the traditional franchise model. Pigounakis said it “has been quite vocal about not going down an agency route.”

MG’s Head of Product and Planning David Allison spoke recently at a central London promotional event for MG’s Cyberster EV two seater sportscar, which arrives next year. The vehicle will effectively be MG’s first high end, niche product. He said that MG’s model range would be completely renewed in the next 18 months, with the MG4 EV becoming its oldest model. The range will also be expanded.

Pigounakis said that all the company’s UK dealers would be given the opportunity of selling the car. Dealers would need to meet “modest and reasonable standards”, be invested in people and have suitable facilities to look after the car.

“In reality I think some rural dealers might decide not to sell the car because the opportunities are tiny. Dealers in London might see it differently,” he said.