With a track record of more than 25 years, Meadens welcomes MG to its renowned dealership in Sway. One of the fastest-growing car brands in the UK, MG offers stylish, competitively priced vehicles.

Jack Sexton, Meadens MG brand manager, said: “We were attracted to the MG franchise, as it offered something the area currently lacks. MG made the process straightforward.  It’s has been with a real sense of ease that we have started working together. MG makes stylish cars,bursting with extras, something that we anticipate will gain a lot of traction in the  area.”

Matthew Cheyne at MG Motor UK, added: “Expanding our network continues to be a big focus this year. Following impressive sales growth, year-on-year, there’s a real sense of excitement about the future of MG. Companies such as Meadens MG, with its strong reputation for quality and outstanding customer service, is an important part of our brand investment.”