A flurry of auto retailers has posted excellent results for the year ended December 2021.

Glyn Hopkin saw profit before tax grow from £4.8m to £14.1m; a 3.3% margin. Turnover grew from £368m to £452m. An interim dividend of £8.4m was paid, compared to £2m in 2020.

William Morgan posted turnover growth from £178m to £213m, with profit before tax up from £1.6m to £4.3m.

Gillingham’s JCB Medway grew turnover from £154m to £192m. Profit before tax rose from £1.9m to £4.4m, a 2.2% margin.

Yorkshire’s Riverside saw a 24% rise in turnover in the same period, to £190m, with pre-tax profit up from £5.1m to £7m.

Castle Donington’s Available Car grew turnover from £254m to £330m, with profit before tax for the four-site car supermarket rising from £1.2m to £2m, a 0.93% margin.