Ford is considering a move to the agency model for its UK retail network and in other countries, executives within the firm have confirmed.

Two years after Auto Retail Agenda exclusively revealed Ford planned to halve its network, and 18 months after Lisa Brankin took over as managing director, the brand is now looking at a move to agency agreements for its remaining 335 dealers.

Auto Retail Agenda sources said that rumours had been circulating about a possible move to agency, but one Ford retailer said that official talks with the network had not yet taken place.

However, when asked about agency model, a spokesman said: “We have been sort of public on considering new arrangements, and I think we’re actively talking to dealers. Not just in the UK. Other markets are going through the same discussions, but it is a two-year plan.”

“It is known that we are exploring the agency model,” added fleet aftermarket customer experience manager Andy Paton said. “We are exploring it in the Netherlands right now and will expand as necessary.”

Ford joins a growing list of brands that have either confirmed the move to an agency model or are considering it, including Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, BMW, Volvo, Polestar and Ineos Automotive, the manufacturer of the Grenadier off-roader.