West Country Ford retailer, Foray Motor Group,  has launched a £4 million initiative helping drivers beat Aprils car tax deadline.

From April 1, drivers of low emissions cars, could see road tax penalties imposed on them. But Foray has ordered Fiestas and the new Ka+ models ensuring deliveries can be made before March 31.

Tom Croft, group sales manager, says “It’s a big commitment but one we need to make to fulfil anticipated customer orders.

“I don’t want to have to say to customers that we’re sorry we can’t deliver what will be the most popular Fords even if they have ordered in plenty of time.

“The HonestJohn.co.uk website suggests around 70 per cent of car buyers will lose out through road tax changes. But Foray sales teams will do our best to help customers beat the March 31 deadline.

“March is forecast to be one of the busiest months for new car registrations as 17 number plates arrive so we have everything in place to help keep motoring costs down.”

“HonestJohn also suggests it’s too late to order Fiestas because of the three month wait for cars to be built. I want people to know we have done their forward planning. We have cars in stock and are geared up to delivering them on time. And we’ll still be offering them with top rate deals, too!”

To see an explanation of the new rates plus details of the current system, click here