Facebook is pushing into the car listings space via its Marketplace section.

The move will happen initially in the US. The aim is to connect buyers to cars in their localities. It will allow them to filter search results by year, make, model, mileage, transmission and vehicle type.

Facebook has linked with a small number of US car sales sites including Edmunds, Cars.com, Auction123, and Socialdealer. The estimated values shown are provided from the Kelley Blue Book.

Users have access to a chat facility, allowing them to speak directly to dealership employees via the Messenger app.

Facebook product manager Bowen Pan, says Messenger integration is a key part of the proposition. “People have found messaging to be the most natural way for them to engage on mobile. People are now able to have a seamless experience and real-time conversation about a car they might be interested in. The next stage is visiting a lot or sending their information.”

Facebook’s Marketplace launched in October 2016 and search volume has grown three times globally since 1 January. Some 550 million people visit formal “buy and sell” groups on the site.  Marketplace is now live in more than 20 countries.

Facebook says Marketplace differs from other listings sites because it holds so much identity data and can provide a more relevant and personalised experience.