Mazda UK will be using 2016 to increase its focus on aftersales performance, just as the company has announced that a new parts centre in Northamptonshire will become operational on 1 April.

After experiencing three years of considerable sales growth, Mazda’s 136-strong retailer network is also experiencing a welcome upturn in customer loyalty. Research has highlighted that aftersales performance has also improved considerably in recent years. Today, almost one in three owners of five-year old Mazdas are still returning to their retailer to have their cars looked after – up from fewer than one-in-ten in 2011 according to the car maker.

After a recent month-long audit revealed that 1,500 calls were missed by just five retailers, new initiatives, such as rescheduling lunch breaks, have been put in place to minimise such incidents in the future. Furthermore, Mazda has teamed up with Moneypenny, the UK’s largest telephone answering service, to ensure that no call from a customer is missed. The move coincides with the decision to take its own customer call centre in-house as part of it’s increased focus on customer service.