Case Studies


Client A

Client A is the national sales company for one of the world’s largest car manufacturers. Its franchise retail network and planning department relies on our monthly outlet locational data to analyse not only its own network, but also the key trends and movements in those of their competitors. We have developed a unique data tagging system that allows it to easily identify both new retail outlets and those that are closing.


Client B

Client B is one of the foremost industry suppliers in the finance and insurance industry. Lead by a smart in-house marketing team the business relies on us to provide extremely detailed contact data, de-duplicated from its current customer and prospect data, this allows the team to accomplish some of the most impactful and lead-generating campaigns in this sector.


Client C

Client C is an incredibly well respected data supplier in its own right, our task is to provide the data that underpins and fulfills their CRM system – so it can be confident it has blanket coverage of the UK car retail arena.