Auto Trader has launched a new service enabling franchised car retailers to advertise their entire stock of brand-new unregistered cars. The service will be free and available until early 2019.

It’s estimated that approximately 100,000 brand-new unregistered cars in the UK are not being actively advertised online. These vehicles are essentially hidden from potential car-buyers who often either have a long wait for a car to be built or have to trade-off their ideal choice for what’s available from a small selection.

To help brands and franchised retailers reach their targets, unregistered new cars can be promoted in the same way as used stock. Auto Trader has the UK’s largest automotive audience with 55 million multi-platform visits each month.

Two thirds of consumers are open to a new car when starting their buying journey. However the majority don’t know what new cars are available, the cost/whether they’re in budget, or when they’re available. Thanks to the new search experience on Auto Trader, car buyers can choose from new or used in one place.

Over 1,000 franchise retailers across the UK are already advertising more than 16,000 brand-new cars. They’re achieving great results across all major brands, whether volume, premium and even super luxury. A Volvo retailer advertised 14 brand-new cars and sold two of them within a week. An Audi retailer sold three new cars before they’d even had the chance to upload imagery.