Citroen plans to expand its recently launched city retailing scheme, with locations being assessed for a UK site.

Citroen’s ceo, Linda Jackson, said: “I would love there to be one in the UK. I was in the UK in January discussing where. It’s not necessarily the ideal place to put it in the middle of London. I want to sell to people that live there, not tourists.”

There are currently La Maison Citroen sites in Belgium, China, Colombia, France, Japan and Morocco. The plan is to have about 30 by the end of 2019/2020 across the world. There will be three in the French capital alone by the time the Paris motor show starts in October.

She also said each site will be more than just a marketing exercise,  the stores are expected to sell cars. “It shouldn’t just be about presenting a great brand experience it should be about selling vehicles and enabling customers to buy vehicles in a city centre. The sites will have sales targets like every other retailer.”

Ms Jackson did not put a precise time on when the first UK site would launch. She commented “It’s not imminent, but I feel slightly embarrassed I’ve got this great idea but I don’t have one in the UK.”