How Auto Market Data can help you

The UK auto retail industry is a fast-moving and dynamic one, and success is dependent on having the right information and being able to use it effectively. As well as managing the supply of the critical data that underpins your sales and marketing process we provide a one-stop communication channel for reaching car retail outlets in the UK. Whether it is ‘fueling’ your complete CRM system, identifying manufacturers network changes or providing specific data for targeted marketing campaigns we are here to help.

All our data is maintained by our in-house research team – the most professional and knowledgeable people in the industry.

Simply drop us a line with or call us to talk it through, either way we promise to impress you!

Our Services…

  • We will work with you to de-duplicate, compile and maintain a bespoke data set to ensure you have excellent coverage of the UK auto retail industry
  • We specialise in producing fully managed email and direct mail marketing campaigns
  • We also publish industry-leading reports and magazines covering various aspects of the UK automotive retail landscape.